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Welcome to Thomas Brumby Music and Sound! -  an exciting new recording and music production studio in the heart of Glasgow.

We offer a wide range of music production, recording, and audio services and packages.

THE STORY GOES ON, By Emma Gillespie


As a music producer and sound engineer I work to help you record and develop your musical ideas and ambitions in a comfortable and creative environment. I care about understanding your thoughts, inspirations and musical ideas, and can provide you with the technical expertise, creative method and the rights tools and equipment to help you record the sound and direction that inspires you.

Keep up with what's happening in the studio over at my Facebook Page and Blog, where I like to share ideas and content about the projects and ideas that I'm working on. 


I offer recording and production for projects large and small. I offer a process and structure for the recordings that helps you create and produce the music that you can be proud of. Here's how it works:

1. Pre-Production - working together to discuss influences and ideas, and establish a direction and schedule fort the track
2. Recording - multi track professional level studio recording
3. Overdubs - layering and development of track
4. Mixing - inclusive process of mixing, feedback & development
5. Mastering Advice - packaging and guidance for Mastering
6. Release and Distribution - guidance, contacts & templates



Thomas Brumby Music and sound is housed in a unique new music production studio in the heart of Glasgow’s Southside. The studio is designed and constructed to provide a comfortable and creative atmosphere for music, and is well equipped with professional equipment and a range of instruments.


I’m always on the look out for passionate and inspiring musicians to work with. To make a booking or to discuss ideas and projects, check out the contacts page for how to get in touch.